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Bridge Restoration

Morehouse Drive Bridge was in poor condition needing repairs to the bridge abutments and piers
and replacement of the deteriorated concrete. Photo on right after rehabilitation.

Since 2009, we have worked with CTDOT to complete the repair and restoration of 29 bridges, utilizing professional restoration expertise and material analysis. This year we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with CTDOT on the restoration of ten bridges in the Westport area. This marks a milestone, as more than half of the bridges will have been restored by the end of this project, highlighting their original architectural features. 

Park Avenue Bridge Cleaning

The Lake Avenue Bridge in Greenwich will be restored in 2019. The work includes the removal of the decorative panels and railing for offsite restoration. The Conservancy was awarded a grant from the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation to hire an architectural conservator in investigate the original decorative details and colors of the bridge, which will be replicated.

The structural elements of the bridge will be painted black. The ornamental panels will be a combination of grayish brown (vines, borders, bases and railings) and gold (grapes, urns, shields, torches and rosettes).

Current condition of Lake Avenue

Proposed paint colors based on color investigation

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