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Bridge Restorations

We believe that these bridges are pleasing to the eye, represent a radical departure from highway bridges, and are decidedly individual in character.
                                                                                                           George Dunkelberger

Lake Avenue Bridge, Greenwich

The Lake Avenue bridge was one of the last constructed on the Merritt in 1940 and one of the more eclectic in design departing from the stone and concrete wing walls. The arched opening is framed by malleable cast iron grilles adorned with grapevines, scrolls, urns, and the State seal painted in a two tone color scheme. In the 1970s the bridge was painted green and during the 1989 bridge rehabilitation it was painted blue.

The Conservancy worked in partnership with CTDOT on the most recent restoration of the bridge. The original paint scheme of the bridge proved to be problematic as there were no details of the colors and black and white photos provided little information other than tonal variations.  Working in partnership CTDOT on the 2019 restoration, the Conservancy engaged an architectural conservator to investigate the original decorative details and colors of the bridge. Collaborative work with CTDOT on the other architectural features continued throughout the restoration process.

The bridge won the 2020 Byway Organization's Leveraging Services Award bestowed by the National Scenic Byway Foundation. The award was for the collaborative efforts of CTDOT, the Conservancy and the contractor Mohawk Northeast. 

Preservation Connecticut recognized CTDOT, the Conservancy, Mohawk Northeast, Milone and MacBroom and Jablonski Building Conservation for the restoration of the Lake Avenue Bridge citing the outstanding commitment to historic preservation and community character. 

Lake Ave After.jpg
Lake Avenue After Rehabilitation
2019 (above)

Newly Constructed Lake Avenue Bridge 1940 (left)

Bridge Prior to Rehabilitation 2012 (right)

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