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Westport Updates

This project is part of CTDOT's overall corridor improvement plan, involving resurfacing and providing safety improvements and enhancements from the Newtown Turnpike Bridge to the Congress Street in Fairfield. The improvements include:


  • Replacing the existing guiderail with the steel backed timber railing

  • Widening the right shoulders to 8 feet (4 feet paved and 4 feet reinforced grass shoulder)

  • Installing a concrete curb and gutter system along the median for drainage

  • Installing a new drainage system

  • Resurfacing the roadway

  • Landscape restoration, including removal of invasives, tree removal for safety, and planting of native shrubs and trees

  • Bridge cleaning, repair and restoration

As with past projects, MPC will be working closely with CTDOt on the bridge repairs. CTDOT is committed to restoring the architectural features of the bridges that have been compromised due to age and insensitive repairs. For the next three years, the Conservancy will be working with CTDOT to restore the bridges in Westport. The Clinton Avenue Bridge's original features were lost when the bridge was repaired decades ago. The historic railing will be restored and the red aggregate geometric diamond panels replaced.

The Newtown Turnpike Bridge has suffered severe deterioration over the years, necessitating the encasement of the bridge with wood planks in 2015. CTDOT has determined that the existing fascia will be replaced with a new form-liner to replicate the existing cast stone. The Conservancy is concerned with the replication methods accurately replicating the existing exterior and will be working with the bridge engineers during the project.

The Saugatuck River Bridge restoration includes repair of its structural steel, installation of new railings replicating the original design, and restoration of the bridge's original paint color. Most of the repair work will take place below the bridge and will not be visible from the Parkway.

Other bridge restorations in the Westport project include Bayberry Lane, Cross Highway, Merwins Lane, Redding Road, Route 33 and Easton Turnpike.


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