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Support Us

Your generosity lets us continue our work to enhance and
revitalize the celebrated Merritt Parkway:

During your travels on the Parkway, we hope you celebrate the many successful projects your donations have helped us accomplish this year. Since 2009, we worked with CTDOT to complete the repair and restoration of 29 bridges, utilizing professional restoration expertise and material analysis. Next year we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with CTDOT on the restoration of ten bridges in the Westport area. This marks a milestone, as more than half of the bridges will have been restored by the end of this

project, highlighting their original architectural features.

We continue to advocate for funding to restore the landscape in the areas impacted by tree removal, and to address the necessity for increased native roadside plantings in response to environmental changes and the need for improved habitats for pollinators. We are working with other stakeholders to adopt new planting policies for the Merritt that will decrease the need for mowing and thus reduce lane closures for mowing operations.

The Merritt remains a unique parkway and a vital part of Connecticut’s cultural heritage for travelers to enjoy. However, your continued support of the Conservancy is crucial to the preservation of the Merritt. We are the only nonprofit dedicated to protecting this historic greenway and rely solely on tax-deductible contributions and foundation grants to fund our activities. Together, we can ensure that the Merritt will be enjoyed by current and future generations.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution!

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